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In February, 1998, a group of concerned and motivated members of the policing community created the Diversity Network Committee. In 2001 the committee received acknowledgement from the B.C. Association of Chiefs of Police (BCACP) and became a sub-committee. It was then renamed the B.C. Police and Diversity Network. In order for the Network to be more inclusive it was renamed the B.C. Law Enforcement Diversity Network in 2005.



To champion diversity within law enforcement communities through the localizing of global issues.


  • Promote enrichment through diversity
  • Support members working in the diversity area
  • Address diversity issues

The main initiative undertaken by the BCLEDN in order to achieve these goals is to hold a forum for all law enforcement organization members in British Columbia. The goal of the forum is to inform and educate members on a variety of important and progressive subjects. The BCLEDN has strived to bring forward ideas and presenters to address global emerging trends which impact law enforcement locally.


    • Abbotsford PoliceDepartment
    • B.C.Corrections
    • B.C.Sheriffs
    • BurnabyRCMP
    • CoquitlamRCMP
    • Canada Border ServiceAgency
    • Delta PoliceDepartment
    • Department of Fisheries and OceansCanada
    • Justice Institute of BritishColumbia
    • KelownaRCMP
      • Port Moody PoliceDepartment
      • RichmondRCMP
      • SurreyRCMP
      • TransitPolice
      • Vancouver PoliceDepartment
      • West Vancouver PoliceDepartment

        PREVIOUS FORUMS 2015

        “Smile you’re on Camera – Combating Public Perception of Police Through Social Media” – Speakers included Sgt. Clive Milligan, Vancouver Police department expert in training; Jesse Miller, International public speaker; Dr. Christopher J. Schneider, Professor at Brandon University; John Daly, Global BC new reported; Mohamed Fadel Fahmy, renowned journalist and founder of Free Press.



        “Radicalization of Terrorists” – Speakers included Dr. Martin Bouchard, Professor of Criminology at SFU and Director of International Cyber Crime Research Centre; Dr. Lorne Dawson, Chair of Department of Sociology, Legal and Religious Studies at University of Waterloo; Mubin Shaikh, extremist turned undercover operative; Insp. Steve Corcoran, Operations Officer for INSET; Dr. Rick Parent, Criminologist and veteran of Delta PD.



        “The Psychopathy of an Active Shooter: Profiling, Predicting, Preventing, Responding… Dedicated to all victims, survivors and responders” – Speakers included Mr. Frank DeAngelis, Principal Columbine High School; Mr. John-Michael Keyes, Executive Director, The “I Love u Guys” Foundation; Sgt. A.J. DeAndrea, Arvada (CO) Police Department Jeffco Regional SWAT (Retired); J. Kevin Cameron, M.Sc., R.S.W.



        “Dirty Promises/Honourable Lies: The Courage to Cross the Line” – Speakers included Ms. Kathryn Bolkovac, former Nebraska Police Investigator “The Whistleblower: Sex Trafficking, Military Contractors, and One Woman’s Fight for Justice”; Staff Sergeant Chris Scott, Kingston Police Department Lead Investigator: Shafia Homicides; RCMP Constables Lepa Jankovic & Husam Farah with Lead Crown Prosecutor, Canada’s largest known human trafficking ring unraveled.



        “Countering Extreme Subcultures: Policing in a Modern World” – Speakers included Mr. George Akkelquist (Islamic Extremism); Det/Cst. Bradd Williams (OPP: Sovereign Citizens / The World Freeman Society; Cst. Doug Spencer (Transit Police Service, Youth Gangs – Recruitment; Michelle Cameron – RCMP Analysts – Aboriginal Extremist Groups; Mr. Robert Podesta, CSC Pacific Region – INTEL Prison Extremists.


        “Sex, Drugs, and Schizophrenia” – Speakers included Mr. Joe Roberts (The “Skid Row” CEO), Mr. Don Adam, RCMP Insp. (Ret), Lead investigator on the Robert Pickton Case; Dr. William MacEwan, Schizophrenia Physician; Cst. Ronda Rempel, RCMP, Mental Health Trainer; Sgt. Mark Steinkampf and Sgt. Toby Hinton, The Odd Squad, VPD.



        There was no forum this year; instead the committee held a strategic planning session to further improve the network.



        “Circle of Understanding: Aboriginal People and The Police”, a two day Forum providing delegates with good tools to use in their communities to address Diversity issues.



        “Tools for Tolerance addressing the issues of Hate Crimes” – Speakers from The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles.



        “Youth and Boundaries” which will include three topical presentations: Youth Mob Murder; Youth Gang Violence & Recruitment; and Integrated Child Exploitation (ICE).



        “Think Globally, Police Locally” – Speakers included Dr. Linda Duxbury, back by popular demand, speaking on Gender Differences and Lt. General Romeo Dallaire speaking on Ethnic Differences.



        “Think Globally, Police Locally” in a new direction, Generational Differences – Speakers Cpl. Sean McGowan, B.C. Hate Crimes Team; Dr. Curt Griffiths, S.F.U.; Sgt. Robert Lewis, San Diego Police Dept.; and Dr. Linda Duxbury, Carlton University.



        “Think Globally, Police Locally” – Speakers Col. Dot Cooper of the Canadian Forces; Commissioner Gwen Boniface, of Ontario; Deputy Commissioner Bev Busson of the RCMP “E” Division; and Lt. Dave Chong of the NYPD and a survivor of the “911″ terrorist attack on the World Trade Towers.



        “Diversity in Law Enforcement” – Speakers Insp. Ted Upshaw, RCMP’s first black Inspector; and Dr. Stephen Hennessy of the Phoenix Arizona Police Department.



        “Today & Tomorrow” – Speaker Willie Williams, former Chief of Los Angeles P